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Agents for social and
environmental change

Project To Be is a team of schools that work with and for the local communities which they belong, not only to contribute to the education of their students, but also to work together by solving the problems that concern and affect these communities.


We assume our schools as active agents of the change that we want today, in the present and in the future. Our students take part in projects with an efficient social impact, which respects their motivation and interests, and engages them in a meaningful and memorable way in dynamic and practical learning. They are already active, responsible, and enlightened citizens, and we want them to remain committed in the future to building a fairer and more solidary society and supporting a more sustainable planet.

As an Educational group, we have the special mission of educating children, helping them to become aware of their potential as agents of change, and the privileged opportunity to involve their families in social impact actions.


Project To Be and each To Be school annually develop their plan of social impact activities. The Social Impact Team – made up of members from all schools and the Central Executive Team – is responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating social impact activities and projects, at a local level and, collaboratively, a central level.

In our commitment to sustainability, we take on objectives in the environmental and social areas, such as, among others, reducing the ecological footprint of schools, reducing food waste, adopting more sustainable materials, reducing the use of plastic, the promotion of well-being and safety in our educational communities, the satisfaction of our employees and families, and the guarantee of conditions of inclusion and diversity.


Students from To Be Schools take part on the most various multidisciplinary projects:

To Be Healthy Project

To Be Healthy Project aims to promote healthier and more sustainable eating habits and practices. In partnership with nutritionist Mariana Bessa, from Nutrir – Food and Nutrition Consultancy, Project To Be invests in the food education of its students and families, and in the training of employees at all To Be Schools.

To Be Healthy includes:

  • Review and diversification of menus (varied, balanced and complete menus, with natural foods and essential nutrients, and a lactose-egg free vegetarian option);
  • Schools‘ human resources training (kitchen staff, train and improve the methods for preparing menus, and teachers, who will continue the food education project with students);
  • Food Education Sessions with the students;
  • Workshops with families.

We believe that, through this transversal project that involves employees, students and families, we are contributing to the well-being of our educational communities and to the sustainability of the planet (alert, for example, to the urgency of reducing food waste). We contribute to healthier child development by introducing more fresh fruit and vegetables, reducing meat consumption and reducing the use of refine sugars and salt in our menus.


Through the guidance of teacher, biologist and environmental educator Rute Candeias, primary school students from all To Be Schools develop activities in science and the environment subjects, including experimental science lessons, project design and field trips, always giving priority to practical methodologies and interaction with natural elements.

The workshops aim is to encourage our students to participate in the habits of citizenships, in the search for solutions that allow for an improvement in the quality of life at school and in the community. We want to form more conscientious citizens who actively contribute to the Man-Nature balance.

To Be Schools are determined to become places of sustainable education, adopting good practices in respect for environmental values in the active preservation of the environment.

Be Blue Project

The Project BE BLUE Project for a Bluer Ocean and an Always Green Planet, is a social impact project that mobilises the entire educational communities of all To Be Schools to protect the Ocean, showing that schools can and should be active agents in communities and to educate for present and future changes.

To raise awareness and contribute to changing behaviours and attitudes, numerous scientific-pedagogical, field and artistic activities were carried out in schools and in public places in the community, in partnership with personalities and entities linked to the sea.

As part of this project, the Be Blue Anthem was composed and recorded, the Be blue Documentary was produced and the Be Blue Final Exhibition was presented to the public, which brought together all the work created over two academic years by the educational communities from our To Be Schools.

Be blue involved the active participation of students, educational communities, and local communities from all To Be Schools.

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