Quality and Security

We elevate our standards

Project To Be promotes compliance with high quality and safety standards in its schools, guaranteed by rigorous internal, monitoring – carried out by the central and external Executive Team – by accredited entities. The main priority of Project To Be is to guarantee its students quality learning experiences in a safe and secure educational environment.

Annually, Project To Be carries out two satisfaction surveys – to employees and to families of each school – with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement in the educational services provided.

Hygiene, Safety and Food Quality

Project To Be offers a food education project – To Be Healthy – in partnership with the nutrition company, Nutrir, which promotes the training of employees, students and families in healthy eating habits, ensuring better balanced and sustainable menus and the identification of any allergies.

Project To Be meets the criteria and quality standards of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and is certified by accredited external entities. It works with a list of carefully selected and certified suppliers, guaranteeing the quality of the ingredients it uses.

Accident Prevention and First Aid

Project To Be ensures the implementation of accident prevention measures in its facilities, demanding strict compliance with the rules and regulations in force. Employees have certified training in Pediatric First Aid and Basic Life Support.

Self-Protection Measures in case of Fire

To Be School´s Self-Protection Measures (MAPS) are certified by accredited external entities (ANPC – National Emergency and civil Protection Authority). All employees are fully trained in this area, regularly carrying out evacuation drills with the educational community.

Facilities Maintenance

Project To Be ensures compliance with preventive and corrective maintenance plans (when necessary). Playground equipment is subject to regular audits carried out by accredited external entities. Project To Be regularly invests in the requalification of its schools, with the aim of offering better facilities to its students and employees.

Access Security

Project To Be ensures that all access to its facilities is controlled by surveillance and security – entrances and exits.

Transparency, confidentiality and data protection

Project To Be complies with the legislation in force regarding data protection, namely Law No. 58/2019, from 8th of August, which ensures the implementation of the European Union´s General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR). Employees are bound by confidentiality within reach of the performance of their duties.

Discrimination and violence Prevention

Project To Be monitors the physical and socio-emotional well-being of its students and implements procedures to prevent discrimination and any type of violence. The Multidisciplinary Support Teams for Inclusive Education, together with the teaching teams, ensure a quick analysis of flagged occurrences and the proposal of the respective disciplinary measures.

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