Psychology and Inclusive Education

An Individualised and
Inclusive Education

The department of Psychology and support for Inclusive Education of Project To Be is formed by a team of psychologists and qualified special education specialists, who work together with the other members of the pedagogical teams from to Be Schools in building inclusive environments, ensuring individualised support to the development and learning of all students.

The above specialists are part of the Multidisciplinary Support Teams for Inclusive Education of To Be Schools where, together with other educational members – teachers, external specialists who support students and parents – they contribute and promote the well-being and the development of each child´s unique potential, in a comprehensive and integrated way.

Within reach of this Department, and in order to guarantee adequate inclusion and conditions of equity for students whose Portuguese is not their native language or their school language, Project To Be provides a scholarship for teachers to support the learning of Portuguese Non-Native Language, which will be responsible for diagnosing and monitoring students.

The Psychology department and the Inclusive Education Support intervenes in educational communities with the following objectives:

Global Development and essential learning acquisition

Respond to students‘ needs throughout their school journey, contributing to their overall development and the acquisition of essential learning skills;

Individualised Support

Plan, monitor and evaluate measures to support learning and inclusion;
Ensure individualised educational support for students, in partnership with teachers;

Inclusive School

Ensure the existence of inclusive cultures, policies and practices, promoting effective partnership between members of the educational team, families and external specialists;

Well-being and psychological health Promotion

Implement procedures and strategies for the prevention and promotion of well-being and psychological health in the school context;

Intervention in the Educational community

Intervene in the Educational community, at its various levels, with evaluation procedures and psycho-pedagogical support, psychological consultancy and counseling;
Implement intervention programs of a preventive nature and/or skills promotion.