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At To Be schools we educate happy, empathetic, and responsible children, who assume their role as agents of change, and grow up to be citizens who are actively committed in building a more sustainable society.

A team of schools

“Project to Be is a team of schools (…) All together, collaboratively, we work to give a better education to children, to have more impact on our communities and to provide learning opportunities for our employees.”

- João Diogo Stoffel

General Director

A transformative Education

We believe in the unique and life-changing power of Education. As schools, we are privileged agents along with the children we educate, and their families, contributing to the development of significant and relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes, in the present and in the future.

We want our educational communities – students, families, and employees – to exercise an active and responsible citizenship and that, in a collaborative way, they achieve a relevant social and environmental impact on the local communities which they are integrated.

Family-oriented and collaborative educational communities

We offer our students high quality development and learning experiences in a familiar, innovative, and stimulating educational environment. We encourage the involvement and active participation of families and respect the individuality of each child, committing to their well-being, their personal training and full development of their socio-emotional, cognitive, and physical potential.

We value the identity and organisational culture of each of our schools, ensuring and reinforcing the differentiating and unique aspects of each educational project, the feeling of connection and belonging of each educational community, and its connection to local communities.

We care about the well-being of our employees, recognising that only teams with high levels of satisfaction and involvement with the school can contribute to educate children and making a difference in their development process. We promote learning and networking, in a perspective of sharing and collaboration between schools and teams.

A team of schools

We are an educational group consisted of a team of family orientated schools that act as reference in the local communities, with an educational offer that covers nursery(babies), nursery (1 to 2 years old), preschool, primary and preparatory school.

To Be Schools have in common the To Be values – lifelong learning, familiar and affective environment, openness and cooperation, social impact, and global and entrepreneurial vision – and base their educational projects on our central educational pillars: Individualisation of teaching – learning processes, integrated learning of the English language, innovation, and family and community.

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