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Musical Communities

At Project To Be we believe in the fundamental role of Music (and artistic education in general) in the global development of children. We invest in the creation of an educational project with material and human quality that involves and positively impacts the entire educational community.

Music gives us the possibility to express ourselves, to relate and to communicate with the world around us, and it is in a practical experience and in sharing that we base our project. We believe that Music must leave the classroom and take place in all school places (and outside, in the community), therefore contributing to the construction of a true musical community.

We want our students to have musical experiences that awaken their curiosity and desire to make music part of their lives, today and in the future.

Pedagogical Pillars

Music, in Project To Be, is part of the following dynamically interconnected pillars: Listening (developing a taste for listening and training attention to sounds), Playing (playing music), Creating (creating your own music), Discovering (curiosity and desire to explore), Experiment (experience music in its different forms) and share (with colleagues, with friends, with family, with the community).


Curricular Music Project

Music is part of To Be Schools, children are in intentional and programmed contact with it since Nursery. We have specialised teachers who guarantee this discipline in all school years.

In Nursery, music lessons are an informal place for exploration and discovery. From the moment they develop their hearing sense, babies learn to recognise the sounds around them and build their interactive sound vocabulary. It is therefore important that they are exposed to a wide variety of musical stimuli as this will contribute to the development of their natural aptitude.

In Preschool, it is important to identify the child´s development stage so that we can provide them with rich and diverse musical experiences that contribute to the creation of a positive relationship with music and the development of their musical potential. Singing, playing, listening and creating music are part of our students ‘daily lives, resulting from a systematic, continuous and intentional practice, with the aim of progressively developing children´s musical skills and expanding their artistic and cultural context.

In primary school, students work various themes – Discovering Sounds, Creating with Sounds, Music around the world, Music and Technologies, Discovering Music Styles and Being a musician – developing projects related to them throughout primary school. According to the Essential Learning for primary school, “it is proposed that, as they progress, students deepen their appreciation, understanding and musical performance, allowing them to create, recreate and listen through the development of experiences, improvisation, composition, listening, reflection, movement, interpretation skills (in the sense of performance), contributing to their formation as people that create and enjoy Music”.

Extracurricular Music Project

We also invest in Music as an extracurricular activity, providing training for our students in Music Together, Musical Training, Choir and Instrument (guitar, piano, violin).

At To Be Schools, we promote activities and events that involve families and local communities (events, parties, celebrations, etc.) and the interconnection of Music with other pedagogical and social impact projects, in a transversal and integrative vision of Education.


Project To Be´s music department is coordinated by professor, guitarist, composer and performer Nuno Cintrão. Graduated in Guitar and Music Education from the Lisbon Superior School of Music. He also completed a Masters in Guitar Teaching. He collaborates regularly – carrying out workshops, training courses and shows – with Arts Factory – CCB Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portuguese Association of Music in Hospitals, APEM – Portuguese Association of Music Education, Skoola, among others.

Nuno Cintrão

Nuno Cintrão

Music Department Coordinator

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