Carolina Barosa

General and Pedagogical Director at Colégio da Fonte

Role in Project To Be

Diretora geral e pedagógica do Colégio da Fonte.

Integra o Conselho Pedagógico do Project To Be


Graduated in Teaching Physics and Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Lisbon.
At the beginning of her professional career, she held positions in the public school system and in private education, remaining exclusively at “As Descobertas” School since 2008.

Her passion for the profession and her leadership qualities naturally led to her involvement in coordinating activities over the years. She promoted clubs, themed weeks, charitable actions, and sustainability projects.

She has always believed that the close relationship between the school and families is the key to success.

Personal Note

She has always pictured herself surrounded by children.

Caring for and making growing up an easier journey is what led her to choose Education.
Married and mother of two children, she sees family and friends as essential to what she feels, thinks, and does daily.

She believes that a school is made up of the people who are part of it and that learning arises from creating a bond.