Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Project To Be acknowledges the mission of educating happy, empathetic and responsible children, who assume their role as agents of change, and grow up to be citizens who are actively committed in building a more sustainable society.


Our Vision

We believe in the unique and life-changing power of Education. We want to be a team of schools, where everyone – students, families, and employees – grow together and contribute, in a collaborative way, to achieve a positive social impact in their educational communities and in the local communities.

Our Values

Lifelong learning

We encourage, in our educational community – students, parents and employees – the implementation of a proactive attitude in the construction of knowledge. We encourage curiosity, self-initiative and exploration of lifelong learning opportunities, in a holistic perspective of personal development and fulfilment.

Openness and Cooperation

We promote a direct and transparent communication between all members of the educational community, defending sharing and receptivity to new ideas and opinions. We encourage cooperative and inclusive environments, reinforcing attitudes of tolerance and respect, and mutual trust.

Familiar and affective environment

We value the concept of close affective bonds between our employees, our students and their families. We offer family-oriented, safe and welcoming educational environments that promote well-being.

Global and entrepreneurial vision

We assume a global and entrepreneurial vision in Education, systematically looking for innovation, change and social impact. We promote the development of self-confidence, proactivity, resilience and decision-making, as well as motivation and enthusiasm for new challenges.

Social Impact

We are committed to fulfilling an active, informed and involved citizenship, and to adopting behaviours and attitudes that have a positive impact on social and environmental issues in our school and local communities.

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