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We establish educational partnerships and protocols with distinguished entities offering a more complete and enriching learning experience to our students.

Cambridge English - University Press and Assessment

To Be Schools are Cambridge – Cambridge Educational Partners – certified entities, enjoying numerous benefits that cover the entire educational community and guarantee a setting of excellence in teaching and learning the English language. Teaching English is carried out using Cambridge University´s curriculum, resources and certification.

Throughout their academic journey, our students are prepared for Cambridge exams, specially for the Young Learners Exams (YLE). The YLE is designed for children between 6 and 12 years old and is divided into three exams that certify the students’s level of English (PreA1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers) in speaking, reading and writing skills (Listening, speaking, reading and writing).

To Be Schools are Cambridge Preparation Centers for English Qualifications, where children are able to take the exam in their own school.

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Nutrir - Food and Nutrition Consultancy

Project To Be established an educational partnership with Nutrir. Nutrir is a Food and Nutrition Consultancy entity, founded and constituted by Nutritionists, whose mission is to offer a set of services adjusted to the specific needs of each client, creating unique and innovative solutions.

This Collaboration – carried out by To Be Healthy – aims to promote healthier habits in To Be Schools, as well as provide students with a solid nutritional education. It includes training sessions – students, parents and employees – in nutrition and food areas, the application of health and nutrition programs, and the preparation of healthier and more sustainable menus.

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Eco-Escolas is an Education Program for Sustainable Development promoted in Portugal by the Blue Flag Association of Europe (ABAE). Its main objectives are to encourage, recognise and reward the work carried out by schools towards their environmental development and awareness/education of the need to adopt more sustainable behaviours. In the context of the program, it is also intended to encourage habits of participation and citizenship, in the search for solutions that enable the improvement of the quality of life at school and in the community.

Eco-Escolas commit to develop a set of actions and activities that must involve the educational community and the surrounding community and receive information and various resources: methodology, training, teaching materials, support and framework for all the work carried out.

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Escola Azul

Escola Azul is an educational program, from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, whose mission is to promote Ocean Literacy in the school community and create more responsible and participatory generations that contribute to the sustainability of the Ocean.

This program distinguishes and guides schools that work on themes related to the sea, creating an Ocean Literacy community that brings together schools, the sea sector, boroughs, universities and other entities with an active role in marine education. The aim is to encourage schools to work with the Ocean in a structured, interdisciplinary, and vertical way, without being restricted to the classroom setting, and with a social impact, either through the involvement of local communities or through the participation of different partners. The Escola Azul program also integrates multidisciplinary marine education actions in a diversified network of partners aimed at the Escolas Azuis.

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Patas Tenras

Patas Tenras is a Forest School certified project, which seeks to disclose, spread and share this pedagogical approach in Portugal. This model has positive consequences for the development of children who can regularly enjoy natural outdoor places.

Forest School aims at the child´s full development, providing a place for practical experimentation for children to deepen skills and abilities such as: confidence, creativity, risk management and autonomy. It works through long-term programs on a regular basis, in a natural forest area, led by a certified trainer.

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Newmanity School

Newmanity School is a school that promotes happiness, well-being and the realisation of human potential through a creative and playful-pedagogical development method.

It carries out annual programs in school, which integrate well-being routines and creative workshops with a view to develop children´s creative potential. In these workshops, students are invited to work on creative group projects with the aim of solving real challenges. The children are at the center of learning and their healthy development lies above all in their ability to be happy and to promote the common good in the community in which they belong.

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Junior Achievement Portugal

Junior Achievement Portugal (JAP) inspires and prepares children and young people to succeed in a global economy through life-changing experiences based on three fundamental pillars: Citizenship and Financial Literacy, Education for Entrepreneurship and Skills for Employability. It develops with students programs that promote work skills: leadership, decision-making resistance to failure, teamwork and presentation and oral communication techniques.

JAP is a non-profit organisation, created in November 2005, the Portuguese equivalent of Junior Achievement, the world´s oldest and largest entrepreneurship education organisation.

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