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The success of the To Be Schools – as high-quality development and learning environments – is due to the quality of their educational projects and, unequivocally, from their teams of professionals.

At Project To Be we value the well-being of our employees, recognising that only teams with high levels of satisfaction and involvement with the school can contribute to the education of children and make a difference in their growth and learning process.

We strive for each To Be School to become a stimulating and healthy workplace, aimed at the continuous improvement of processes for the protection and promotion of health, safety and well-being for all. With a view to permanently improve the working conditions of our teams, we carry out an annual satisfaction survey for all employees.

Learning and Development Plan

Our training plan – Learning and Development Plan – reflects Project To Be´s vision of learning and development processes in the workplace, and aims to enhance and update the knowledge and skills of all employees, increasing their motivation, well-being and professional achievement.

It supports a holistic perspective that privileges current learning, personal and professional development. But also consolidates a culture of continuous and lifelong learning.

It aims to respond to the training needs identified by our employees and by To Be Schools, promotes teamwork and sharing of knowledge and good practices within and between schools, and achieves our mission, values and educational pillars of Project To Be.

Employee´s Training is carried out annually in the various areas and domains relevant to school´s life. According to the Learning and Development Plan, namely in the pedagogical area, inclusive school, specialised work skills, communication and marketing, management, health and safety, legal and technique, and other complementary areas. Annually, Project To Be offers their employees the opportunity to improve their spoken English by attending an English Training Course (Let´s Talk).

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